Our Mission

We are a group of socially and environmentally conscientious entrepreneurs who care about what happens to our planet.  As such, we feel that the mining of diamond and other precious stones has an unacceptable negative impact on the environment and on our society. Ethically grown genuine diamond is the perfect solution to this challenge because new technology has allowed us to create real diamond without the need to extract it from the earth. Our goal is to change the way we think about diamond as a society. We believe that a diamond grown by man can have the same personal value as one created in the earth. Our diamonds are created with our customers in mind, making each stone a personal token that will weather the challenges of life with the individual who wears it and that will retain its brilliant sparkle. Thus, our mission as a company is three fold:

1. Educate the public about the social and environmental advantage of ethically grown diamond;

2. Create beautiful stones for our customers that will last a lifetime; and

3. Give back to our community by supporting the advancement of basic science. Help us achieve these goals by getting your own personalized diamond and by becoming an advocate for ethically grown diamond.

Our Leadership Team

Ryjul Stokes
Ryjul StokesChief Technology Officer
Sydnee Stokes
Sydnee StokesChief Brand Officer
Jennifer Roma
Jennifer RomaChief Operations Officer