Captivate Ethically Grown Genuine Diamonds

At Captivate Diamonds, our core belief is that you don’t have to destroy the planet to wear diamond jewelry. All mining is incredibly destructive to the environment, and no matter how responsibly a mined diamond is sourced, it still has a drastic and negative impact on the earth. Ethically grown diamonds are created using a process that mimics how diamond is created in the earth’s crust, thus generating genuine, jewelry quality diamond and avoiding all the negative impact on the environment.

Ethically Grown Diamonds

Ethically created genuine diamond is grown from real diamond using state-of-the-art technology. A diamond (mined or grown) is cut into very thin sheets using a high-powered laser. This thin sheet of diamond is then placed in a special chamber and exposed to high temperatures and pressures in the presence of methane gas (carbon). Under conditions similar to what occurs in the earth’s crust, diamond grows on the surface of the thin sheet over a period of days or weeks, creating a larger rough diamond. These new grown diamonds have exactly the same composition and imperfections as diamonds grown deep within the earth’s crust. The rough grown diamond can then be cut, polished and graded in the same fashion as mined diamonds. The best part of this process is that it requires no mining and generates just 1/3 the carbon footprint of mined diamond.

Mined Diamond

Mined diamonds are created deep in the earth when a piece of coal (carbon) is exposed to extreme pressure and temperature that changes the structure of the coal into diamond. Then, through seismic activity, the diamond is brought close to the earth’s surface. Our society goes to great lengths to mine rough diamonds, which effort is often accompanied by human rights violations, child and slave labor, and enormous environmental impact. Rough mined diamonds are then sold to world markets for processing.

Diamond Processing

The rough mined and ethically grown diamonds described above are next cut and polished into gem quality stones that are rated and valued based on the 4 C’s (color, clarity, cut, and carat). Ethically grown diamonds are 100% real diamond and are chemically and visually indistinguishable from mined diamonds, even to the skilled jeweler. Ethically grown diamonds are often laser inscribed with “lab-created” in order to verify their origin and to distinguish them from mined diamonds. Ethically grown diamonds are just that—diamonds! They are not synthetics or diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia, moissanite, white sapphire, or white topaz.

The Cost of Diamond

Diamond will always have significant cost associated with it due to one fact: Diamond is the hardest material we know of. Cutting and polishing diamond requires not only skill, it requires diamond. Thus the price of diamonds is not only tied to their rarity but also their hardness. Diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia, white topaz, or Moissanite are much softer materials and are thus significantly easier to cut and polish into gem quality stones. For this same reason, however, these simulants scratch and get damaged much easier, making their diamond-like shine quickly fade. Thus genuine diamond, whether mined or ethically grown, will always be the only real option for jewelry that will last a lifetime.

The Revolution

Ethically grown diamonds are revolutionizing the gem and jewelry industry. Not only do they avoid the ethical and moral issues associated with mined diamonds, they are also 20-30% less expensive to produce than mined diamonds. New technology and continually advancing growing processes are enabling the creation of larger and more brilliant colorless diamonds every year. Recognizing this trend, the International Gemological Institute, just in the past few years, began grading and certifying ethically grown diamonds in the same fashion as mined diamonds. At Captivate Diamonds, we believe that ethically grown diamonds are the beautiful, ethical, responsible, economical, and brilliant choice for all of your special occasions.