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At Captivate our mission is to provide ethical and environmental alternatives to harmful mined diamonds. In addition to being an ethical choice, we aim to provide beautiful, quality diamonds at the lowest cost. For our Grand Opening Special we are proud to offer a round cut, 0.5, 0.75, or 1 carat diamond with quality of Si1 and color H. We believe that this combination is the most value for your money. H diamonds are nearly colorless and Si1 means that there are slight inclusions only visible with a 10x magnification. Our inventory is constantly changing, but we guarantee that if the stone you selected is not available we will get you a better one at no additional cost to you (total carat weight will be +/- 0.05 carats of your selected size). All diamonds come with a certificate of authentication issued by the IGI (International Gemological Institute). The purchase of a setting is also required to receive this promotional price.